Monday, 15 August 2011


I think we dream most as children. We have our whole lives ahead of us, and we are full of aspiration for it. But I've found, as more of life is revealed to me, I dream less. As I start to have to sort practical things out, as I start worrying about money, and growing up (I've finally realised I need to do that) I dream less.

When I was growing up (physically that is!) I wanted to be a vet. My family knew a couple of vets, and I liked animals. But as I started to think about this career choice I realised that vets couldn't talk to their patients. Unless they were Doctor Dolittle! So my passion for helping transfigured itself into wanting to become a doctor. After all, you would be able to talk, and work out what was wrong in a way other than poking!

This was my dream for some time. In fact all the way through school, and into college. Until that is, I realised how much hard work I would have to put in just to get to med school. Its fair to say Chemistry wasn't my strong point. So when it came to dooms day, and my chemistry result left a lot to be desired, it was back to the drawing board.

Oddly, I wasn't distraught by this. I was happy to dream again. Though I'm not sure I properly dreamed for a while after that. But how do we know when we are dreaming?

 My dream now. To serve God. Wherever that may be. I'm wondering about going abroad. Is that me dreaming, or God dreaming? Only time will tell.

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