Friday, 28 October 2011

"Its not about you, its me." And me

So yesterday @ems_tweets blogged about being inspirationally challenged, and decided to share more about herself. It is a great read, please do take a look at it here Especially if you know Emma. At the end, Emma asks "What are you about" and so this is my response to that.

So I'll start when Emma started.

I'm about sleeping. I can go to bed early, and getting up late. I'm about not getting out of bed in the morning till the very last minute. I'm about all sorts of weather, but Autumn and Winter are great, because I loved the clothing I've got to keep me warm and dry.

I'm about pubs not clubs. That is when I do go out, I'm not about lots of socialising. I'm rubbish at keeping in touch with people. But love it when I do see friends. I'm about listening to people and putting them first. I'm about helping out where I can and not knowing when to say no. I'm about practical action combined with sustainability. Don't give a man a fish, teach him to fish.

I'm about doing things properly, diving head first in  and getting completely involved in things. I'm about not being able to say no. I'm about being passionate. I'm about working to a deadline, not before one. I'm not really about being clever, or academic.

I'm about hiding my feelings. I'm about putting on a brave face. I'm about not exposing my feelings. I wish I was about sharing my feelings, and not thinking it made me weak. I'm about people thinking I'm weird because I don't cry. I'm about sabotaging my heart. I'm about being loved. I'm about fearing rejection and feeling lonely.

I'm about over thinking any important or emotional aspect of my life.

I wish I was more about complete trust in God. I wish I was more about challenging the status quo of church. I am about getting more young people engaging with what they do. I'm about wanting the Church, and society to engage with real issues today, and seek new ways of working.

I am about a bit of tradition. But I'm also about mixing it up a little. I'm not about leaving my morals to one side.

I'm all about Africa and the friends I have who give so much more than they have. Both in the UK and Africa. I'm about trying to help people realise how other people live.

I'm about being honest to yourself. I wish I was about being honest to myself.

I'm not about being patient when it comes to life plans. I wish I was more about knowing God has it in hand.

I'm about being healthy. But I'm also about eating lots. I'm about walking, climbing, cycling. I'm about not having enough time for everything. I'm about living far away from the best climbing and walking. I'm currently about filling a gap until the next door is opened.

I really am about being who I am, and not about letting things change me. I am about being complex and not understanding myself. Let alone anyone else!

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  1. "I'm about practical action combined with sustainability." <-- totally.

    Thanks John. I hope you enjoyed writing it as much as I enjoyed reading it!