Sunday, 7 August 2011

In summary?

I'm sure this won't be the last blog regarding World Methodist Council and Conference. However, I do have a fews days to reflect on, due to the previous mention of electricity conversion issues. So I shall try and reflect on my whole experience.

It was with some trepidation I came to South Africa. There were events at home which I really wanted to be a part of, and I have missed the fellowship of very good friends back at home. It is very odd wondering through an airport, waiting for a flight, on your own. Of course when we travel, we are never alone, but without human company makes a lot of difference. I find it interesting how themes keep popping up! Though through discussion it is clear God is working.

However, it has been wonderful to be here, to work with other delegates to try and find a new way of working for the Council. I know that the meetings have been very long, and boring and tedious at points (my views entirely) But the fellowship and encouragement and support of the youth and young adults has been incredible. The fellowship of the whole conference has made the whole experience.

I have become much more aware of issues within the global church, and therefore issues we could find in anyone of our congregations. South Africa, and the city of Durban has been a lovely backdrop to the conference and fellowship. I have been glad of the times we have just been able to do our own thing. The little experiences outside of 'formal' sessions have been the real deal for me. Maybe that shouldn't be true, but I think that the whole point of the Council should be to facilitate the workings of the Conference. And the Conference should be the networking of the people called Methodist all around the world. But that is my view!

I would like to highlight two events that have been really wonderful moments. The first of which was the Beach Party on Saturday night. This was like going clubbing, but sand between your feet, with a South African feel and a truly multi cultural dance evening! It was great, to have people of all ages, and every other diversity you could wish for. All dancing together, with no inhibition.

The second was the Street rally that happened on Sunday. This was again, such a great multi cultural diverse crowd, singing and dancing, or just walking through the streets of Durban. Once again there were no inhibitions, we were proud to show our faith. Something we sometimes don't do back home.

Anyway, it is late now so I'll leave it there. More to follow I'm sure, and photos too!

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