Monday, 8 August 2011

Where should we be headed?

These thoughts come from discussions with a number of people, reflecting on the work of the Council and Conference.

It is not a hidden fact the Methodist Church, world wide (Though Africa and Southern America do buck the trend), isn't doing too well number wise. And when you look at some of the structures and meetings it probably does say something. The Methodist Church was born from the Methodist Movement, and in some people's eyes we are now a 'Methodist Station'.

Sometimes as more conservative Christians we do not get out there enough. Having already given my concerns over people who seem to do this, I shall now contradict myself by saying lets get out there! Let us listen to the spirit, and not be afraid to listen to God, and spend time praying about situations.

Jesus ministered to the people who the society in that day did not want to acknowledge. Do we do this now? Are we comfortable to get into our societies, and in the words of the British General Secretary, do we get our fingernails dirty?

If we are not getting the dirt under our finger nails, then maybe we should be. We should work with the spirit, not against it.

(This might not be factual, and these are my own views. Thanks :)  )

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