Sunday, 31 July 2011

Departures and Arrivals

I love airports. They are full of expectation, excitement and anticipation. Ordinarily this is shared with the group of people that I'm flying with, so it was a new experience to check in on my own, and find my own way through the airport. It wasn't long till I found some other British Methodists heading to South Africa though.

Yesterday and today were really just about getting to Durban. I love the final approach to an airport, when you can glance out of the window and get the first glimpses of where you are headed. I think you can learn a lot from what you see then, I'm not always sure what you learn. But I think you learn a lot.

It is already clear that the South African World Cup has had a positive affect on the infrastructure of the area. It is difficult to say how much was done for the World Cup, or was being done anyway. Certainly the beach front looks great! (I've been for a walk along it) It is also clear that we are staying in the tourist area. An area that is sheltered from the poverty I am sure you could easily find in Durban. Having said that, within 10 minutes of being on the beach we were approached by a young man, possibly a teenager asking for money for food. We had to politely turn him away as we had no money.

This is in stark contrast to my experience of Mombasa, Kenya. Here, there is no escaping the poverty. Orphans begging stand on every street corner, and outside the hotels. Whether it is because it is not as prominent in South Africa I do not know.

Anyway, still pretty tired after flight and got a busy day tomorrow, so I'll keep you posted!

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