Monday, 3 January 2011

"Should old accaintance be forgot?"

So for the new year, I have decided to write a Blog. This shall be a place for me to muse, and rant, and explain and share. I first decided that I would start Blogging when I was reading a copy of the Methodist Recorder at my grandparents house on Boxing Day, and thinking that it would be quite cool to write regularly for them. It was quickly pointed out that I might need to get a reputation first!

Anyway, I have just returned from Brecon Beacons in Wales where I celebrated the New Year with Mum, Dad, and my sister along with some really great people who we know through Buckinghamshire DofE award scheme. Unfortunately my Brother and his fiancée couldn't join us due to work commitments, and I agreed to go before friends back home told me what they were planning. It was a shame I couldn't see it in with some great friends, but I had an amazing time playing about on the hill!

We celebrated last New Year in the same way, with the same people. For some it was the first time they had seen me and my sister in 10 years. I think we had changed slightly. But New Year is traditionally a time when we start afresh, we make promises to ourselves to hopefully make it a better year. I think, apart from keeping this updated, my resolution this year should be to keep in contact with friends better. Most of my friends have gone off to uni, and when they are home I always seem to be really busy with work. So I have friends I haven't seen since Easter! This is no good thing, and I will try harder!

No one is left by the way side.

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